Cash & Prizes For Our Grand Opening Viral Marketing Contest

To celebrate our grand opening… I’m happy to announce that you can now:

Win From Over $5,000 in Cash & Prizes:

1st Prize: 4 Months Of Website Marketing Dream Team Service & 30 Min Phone Consultation With Bill
- A $2,492 Value

2nd Prize: 6 Months Business Inner Circle Coaching & 30 Min Phone Consultation With Bill
- A $1,328 Value

3rd Prize: 2 Months Website Marketing Dream Team Service
- A $996 Value

4th Prize: $250 Cash

5th Prize: $100 Cash

Here’s how you win tickets for the contest:

  • Tweet about the website and link to it
  • ReTweet any post from the @contestburner Twitter account
  • Comment on any post at the blog
  • Get people to click your contest links
  • Refer people who sign up & join the contest

What are you waiting for? Go on over and sign up for the current $5,000 viral marketing contest

21 Responses to “Cash & Prizes For Our Grand Opening Viral Marketing Contest”

  1. I think this contest is amazing. Your last contest got you an incredible amount of new business and opt ins. Can’t wait to see how this new contest turns out for you Bill.

  2. David says:

    As we tweet the links for your contest will we be able to standings in real time?

  3. ramez debbas says:

    hey bill this is an amazing contest,so how exactly we get points is by posting comments on your site or other contest sites and not just posting “hey guys” ,and by our clients clicking on our contest site.

  4. Bill, Awesome service to help people go viral, I think it’s going to be a huge hit…

    Jonathan Gillardi

  5. rlbeard says:

    Thanks for this Great Tool.

  6. Marvin Bzura says:

    Great idea! Sounds like this will integrate perfectly with SMS (text messaging) & email campaign system we have.

  7. rlbeard says:

    This is a amazing wordpress plug-in to watch work. It ability to drive web traffic to a site is amazing.

  8. Tom Guard says:

    I cannot wait to use this plug-in myself. I’ll be up all night dreaming about the amazing ways I can use this outstanding plugin. I even created a video about this plugin I’m so excited about it.

  9. admin says:

    Thanks for the video Tom! One of the upcoming features for the plugin was the ability to reward users for posting youtube videos. Unfortunately for you that’s not ready yet :( In a future upgrade anyone who unlocks the premium version will be able to do that.

  10. YrHelper says:

    I wish the plug in were available for blogger. I have a word Press , often neglect it because it feels cumbersome and clunky.

  11. rlbeard says:

    I installed this widget in my blog today and can not believe the response.

  12. Susan Young says:

    I’m jealous, rbeard already has ContestBurner widget.

  13. admin says:

    He’s a member of my Business Inner Circle Elite Coaching program. Any of the members of Elite coaching or customers of Website Marketing Dream Team can get a premium copy of the plugin. One of the benefits of being a customer.

  14. Christine says:

    Looking forward to this and what a great idea, but not surprised since it’s coming from you, lol See ya soon :)

  15. Becki (@beckinoles) says:

    I can not wait for this awesome plug in!!!! :)

  16. Susan Y says:

    After all the anticipation, I now find out I may miss the unveiling tomorrow night… how can I get out of dinner with friend and family? I am so looking forward to getting ContestBurner on my own sites.

  17. rlbeard says:

    I am enjoying the way this amazing widget for word press is integrating with my websites
    Thanks for the great tool!
    If anyone has any questions regarding this widget please fill free to contact me.

    Randy Beard
    Pure Water Pools
    Newport Beach Californis

  18. Susan Y says:

    I’m not very technically inclined so I am waiting on results of contestburner contest in hopes of winning professional help with setting up the widget. If I don’t win, I WILL tackle install on my own but who knows I might have the winning entry yet.

  19. David S says:

    Now being able to win the help from Bill’s Dream Team is “priceless” That would be the ultimate prize for anyone to win. Sure hope its me! ;-)

  20. MARLINSTAR says:

    Unbelievable results…marketing made so easy and productive. Click here to see for yourself!

  21. Susan Y says:

    Less than 24 hours to wait on results of contestburner, but who’s counting? :)

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