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The Latest News & Information About Contest Burner:

Tonight We Hand Out $5,000 In Prizes From Our Viral Contest

Here’s a big thanks to everyone who has participated in the current contest:  You guys have done some amazing things to promote the contest out there.  We’ve been really impressed! Some of you built entire websites devoted to promoting the contest.  Others posted YouTube viral videos. And some of you went a little crazy on Twitter!

Keep it up today… you’ve got roughly 5 more hours of the contest being active.  Then we announce the winners LIVE tonight.

Tonight on Bill McIntosh’s Live Internet Business Show we’ll be announcing the contest winners for the current ContestBurner contest.  The show starts at 6:30PM Pacific Standard Time / 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (I don’t know what time that is everywhere else in the world, you’ll have to figure that out here: Time Zone Converter )

When the show is live, you can view it here:

You’ll have a week to claim your prizes and we’ll announce on the live how  you contact us to claim them.

Oh, by the way… if you’re interested in getting some PREMIUM stuff that we normally charge good money for… you’ll really want to tune in tonight to find out what kind of free goodies we’re handing out.

We’ll see you tonight!

3 Responses to “Tonight We Hand Out $5,000 In Prizes From Our Viral Contest”

  1. ramez debbas says:

    thanks a lot bill , your show is amazing

  2. Bill, Great show as usual… Was fun being there again…

  3. Bob says:

    Damn I always seem to miss out on the good contests:(

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