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"Drive A Viral Flood Of Ever Increasing Traffic To Your Website Or Blog Using The Power Of FaceBook, Twitter & This Amazing Software Tool!"

It's extremely fast and easy to set up your first contest. Just upload the plugin & spend 15 minutes setting it up. Then your contest is off and running! You can reward your contestants for:

  • Linking to your site
  • Sending Tweets on Twitter
  • Posting your links to FaceBook
  • Commenting on your blog
  • Signing up to your newsletter
  • Sending new visitors to your site

Run An Affiliate Program Right Within Your Contest!

ContestBurner will even integrate with our upcoming affiliate marketing plugin so you can run an affiliate program and pay commissions on sales or leads sent to your website!

The easiest way to get started is to join our current live contest and see the plugin in action! Then you'll also be presented with an opportunity to download and use the plugin.

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The Latest News & Information About Contest Burner:

Viral Video Training, Free Viral Marketing Ebook & Amazing New Features!

I’ve got some free video training, new Contest Burner features to announce and an ebook for you to download today. Before I get on to the goodies I need to remind you that the current $10,000 ContestBurner contest is wrapping up in less than two weeks so you’re running out of time to rack up your points! Below I’ve included your links to pick up some more bonus points.

Here’s a new training video on YouTube where you can earn massive bonus points by commenting, favoriting, subscribing & posting video responses. They will ALL automatically earn you lots of bonus points in the contest: (Don’t forget to rate it by clicking on the stars & let me know what you think!)

Now ContestBurner also works directly with a TON of new social sites and bookmark sharing sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Squidoo, Myspace, Yahoo Buzz & dozens of others!

Here’s your quick link to the page that gives you the link & 1-click posting to Twitter, Facebook & dozens of other social/sharing websites:

You can also just send any Tweet on Twitter & just use the @contestburner reply or use the domain in any link and you’ll get bonus points for every Tweet.

The other way to earn bonus points is by commenting on the Comment Burner blog. Feel free to comment & earn yourself some points right now:

And finally… Here’s your eBook download link that gives you some great training & tips on how to run your own viral contest and increase your site’s traffic:

Thanks for taking part in the contest.

Good Luck!

All the best,

Bill McIntosh
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3 Responses to “Viral Video Training, Free Viral Marketing Ebook & Amazing New Features!”

  1. Tom Guard says:

    Where does it end? You have all of the big social sites incorporated into Contest Burner. Anyone who uses this plugin is going to get a lot of traffic. I know, because I have used this plugin. (Not too many people can say that they have had a successful contest with Contest Burner like I have.)

  2. I am very eager to get this plug in to test it. I signed up and I am waiting for instructions.

  3. Ramiro says:

    Great info!!!!

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