New Viral Marketing Plugin & $5,000 Contest

A few hours ago I announced the current $5,000 viral marketing contest on my live show. I’m following up here to give you a few of the juicy details on the whole thing:

When Do You Get The Free Viral Marketing Plugin?
Next Tuesday, on August 25th, I’ll give out the download link to the contestants who have signed up at:’s viral marketing contest You’ll be able to use all the basic features of the WordPress plugin. These are the same features I used to generate Tens of thousands of new visitors on a single site & dramtically increase my website traffic. If you want to upgrade & get all the additional premium features you can do that at any time.

When Is The Viral Campaign Over & The Contest Prizes Being Awarded?
On Tuesday September 1st (2 weeks from now) I’ll award the winners of the current contest and hand out the prizes. Make sure you follow Contest Burner on Twitter & tune into the live show so you can collect your prize!

What Are The Contest Prizes?

    I’m giving out over $5,000 in cash & prizes! You can win things like:

    • 4 months of our deluxe marketing services where we do SEO, link building & traffic driving for your website.
    • Telephone Consultations with Bill where you can get help with any aspect of your business
    • 6 months membership to Bill’s premium coaching club: Business Inner Circle Elite. Where you get live private training to help you grow your business.
    • Cash!

    What are you waiting for? Go on over and sign up for the current $5,000 viral marketing contest

    26 Responses to “New Viral Marketing Plugin & $5,000 Contest”

    1. Jack says:

      You really have nothing at all to loose by entering this contest. Im certainly not going to miss out and nor should you.

      The script itself looks amazing and the chance of winning some fantastic prices is amazing!

      See you guys at the next show!

    2. David S says:

      I am certainly not going to miss out on this great contest. Also being able to learn a few of the secrets of generating traffic using this medium is genius Bill.

      Being part of the Elite membership you offer is also very powerful and I for one, am very pleased.


    3. I’m going to put every effort to promote this contest. I owe it to Bill for teaching me some of tricks of the trade. I have been following Bill over a year since the days of the “Social Dominator” experiment. His free online marketing techniques have helped me succeed in my own endeavors.

    4. Andy Beard says:

      Great to see that this doesn’t ask for Twitter passwords – marketers need to learn to create software that is safe for their customers.

    5. Edward Moore says:


      OK, just signed up as soon as I got your email. Then I sent out a promotional Tweet. I look forward to seeing the new Script and also the Affiliate Script that you mentioned that will be coming out.

      To your health,
      Edward Moore

    6. Aaron Siegel says:

      Watched you live and can’t wait until next week when you roll out the actual word press plugin!

    7. admin says:

      Andy: I agree! With Twitter’s adoption of Oauth there’s no reason to make users give away their passwords. On the backend of our plugin if integrates with the Twitter API, but it uses Oauth so not even the admin needs to give us their Twitter password. More developers need to follow the same model.

    8. Julie says:

      Forgive me if this is a stupid question…
      Is this tool only for WordPress blogs? I use Blogger and I am not ready to change (at least not right now.) I am getting ready to host a HUGE giveaway in celebration of my 40th birthday (beginning Mid September) and this looks like a great tool to help.

    9. Susan Young says:

      Can’t wait for the release!

    10. sounds like a fantastic idea!

    11. admin says:

      The plugin is a wordpress plugin. Switching from Blogger to WordPress isn’t that hard. I can give you a affiliate link & if you sign up for hosting with it I’ll have one of my team install the blog for you. Just let me know. The affiliate commission will cover my costs. I’d love to see you use the new plugin for your contest… plus what a great way to launch your new WordPress blog :)

    12. Conrad says:

      Excited to learn more!

    13. This is an awesome sounding plugin.

      The concept is simple enough but the potential is huge. I already see massive use for me in my business which is built around the fremium model.

      I am looking forward to the plugins launch, and wining a prize to. Sweet


    14. aman says:

      I am more excited than ever,,,if this works it will help my website in a big way

    15. Kim Doyal says:

      This is SUPER fun! Totally loving this….cannot wait until the plugin is available. I’ve had a couple people ask me how to get the plugin…had to change my tweet title….
      Looking forward to it! TONS of potential!

    16. Susan Young says:

      I need to go to sleep…just one more post about ContestBurner

    17. Susan Y says:

      Anxious to learn how to build my own contest on WordPress. Can’t sleep for thinking about ContestBurner

    18. Susan Y says:

      I just love this whole concept. I even made a video about ContestBurner on YouTube.

    19. Bob says:

      Hi Bill, great plugin concept. Lookin forward to trying it out and creating a buzz about my site. Keep up the great work and innovative ideas:)

    20. Christine says:

      Looks great and can’t wait for the release…the contest also looks awesome and so much fun, will see ya tomorrow night for the live broadcast :)

    21. RITCH says:

      A contest worth signing up for.

    22. Susan Y says:

      Free plugin is ready for download. I just watched last Tuesday’s broadcast and downloaded the free version then turned around and signed up for Premium version. Can’t chance missing all of Bill’s coming creative plugins.

    23. Alexia says:

      Can’t wait to test this out!

    24. Tom Guard says:

      Love the plugin, I’m using it and can’t wait to see the results of my own contest.

    25. ramez debbas says:

      i’m using this contest and its amazing

    26. The wordpress plugin is a brilliant innovation for this marketing idea

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