Viral Marketing Contest: Current Standings

It’s now been a little over 3 days since launching the Contest Burner viral marketing contest and the results so far have been great!  Directly as a result of the contest we’ve had nearly 4,000 visitors come to the site!  That’s not too shabby considering it’s all free traffic. You can see how many contestants there are & the current standings on the contest standings page.

We’ve also attracted the attention of several other big names in the online marketing world because of the contest.  There have been over 500 Tweets about ContestBurner.  People have been posting about and discussing it on FaceBook.  There are now over 1,000+ new pages that Google has found online that mention the ContestBurner contest.  All of this is directly related to the contest since this website didn’t even exist last week!  The only external advertising I did was to place a free press release out about the contest launch!

The other benefit I’m seeing is related to inbound links & SEO.  The contest is naturally attracting attention and getting links from a wide variety of places.  This will help launch this brand new site & give it search engine ranking power for years to come.

I’ve seen other viral advertising or viral marketing solutions that cost tens of thousands of dollars to create & execute.  With ContestBurner all I needed were some prizes & my WordPress Plugin!

As the contest continues to go viral I can only imagine how many more visitors & subscribers will come to this site.  Wouldn’t you want similar results on your own website? How’d you like to launch a new website with a BANG!?! Go sign up for the Contest Burner Viral Marketing Contest & next week I’ll give you a copy of the same plugin I used here.

20 Responses to “Viral Marketing Contest: Current Standings”

  1. Susan Young says:

    Only four more days until the launch of ContestBurner? Is that correct? Tuesday is the day you will be releasing the application right?

  2. Tom Guard says:

    This plugin is just like “karma-marketing” you give, and you get back. Outstanding concept. Outstanding plugin!

  3. Kelly Ling says:

    Can’t wait to see the application!

  4. Whoa what happened I turned my back and I lost my 3rd place ranking! yikes better get to work ;)

    The more I read about the plugin the more I am blown away by how much you have put into it! Congrats Bill on an incredible plugin.

  5. Becki (@beckinoles) says:

    Can hardly wait until tomorrow! Keep up the great work! The anticipation you are building is something else.

  6. Susan Y says:

    Let’s see, I added to four blogs, uploaded two videos, commented on all these pages, and tweeted hundreds of times (half incorrectly with appropriate words… what now? I’ll never reach 9000 but I’m gaining on him.

  7. Susan Y says:

    Think I finally have mastered the key to twittering however now I have to get back to blogging on my products. Ordered Premium version of contestburner but am hoping for winning entry so I can get some help setting it up. Looking forward to contest results next week.

  8. Susan Y says:

    Clock is ticking only six more days til the close of ContestBurner. I would love to have the Inner Circle Dream Team working on my business!

  9. Tom Guard says:

    I should have my first contest up and running by September 1st using @Contestburner. Can’t wait to see the results and report them to you.

  10. Susan Y says:

    I have started promoting my first contest for husband’s site so I’m committed to put @Contestburner to work but I am hoping I will win one of the prize in the contest so I can get some help from the Dream Team :)

  11. David S says:

    I am looking forward to the results now that we are down to the wire! This contest is terrific and I am having a great time getting the word out on your plugin as well.

  12. ramez debbas says:

    hey guys check bill mcintosh contestburner @contestburner

    wow bill , its amazing tool ,also you can get points from youtube comments and response videos, thats awesome

    thanks bill its great tool, and i recommend every one to use, waiting for more tools

  13. ramez debbas says:

    i started promoting your site bill and i can see that this plug in is working well, thanks bill for all the information you gave us in your show

  14. chris alexander says:

    You reap what you sow……….THIS IS GREaT

  15. chris alexander says:


  16. ramez debbas says:

    this plugin works with facebook, youtube, twitter and your blog to so your contestors will get points from everything they promote on these websites, its amazing, i recommend every one to have it

  17. chris alexander says:

    just give and get back!!!

  18. chris alexander says:

    the big dogs are coming through watch out!!! coming arouund the stretch

  19. chris alexander says:

    This has beeen a great learning experience!

  20. chris alexander says:

    watch out for Jgillardi…..He’s on a move! love it

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