Viral Marketing Contest: Current Standings

It’s now been a little over 3 days since launching the Contest Burner viral marketing contest and the results so far have been great!  Directly as a result of the contest we’ve had nearly 4,000 visitors come to the site!  That’s not too shabby considering it’s all free traffic. You can see how many contestants there are & the current standings on the contest standings page.

We’ve also attracted the attention of several other big names in the online marketing world because of the contest.  There have been over 500 Tweets about ContestBurner.  People have been posting about and discussing it on FaceBook.  There are now over 1,000+ new pages that Google has found online that mention the ContestBurner contest.  All of this is directly related to the contest since this website didn’t even exist last week!  The only external advertising I did was to place a free press release out about the contest launch!

The other benefit I’m seeing is related to inbound links & SEO.  The contest is naturally attracting attention and getting links from a wide variety of places.  This will help launch this brand new site & give it search engine ranking power for years to come.

I’ve seen other viral advertising or viral marketing solutions that cost tens of thousands of dollars to create & execute.  With ContestBurner all I needed were some prizes & my WordPress Plugin!

As the contest continues to go viral I can only imagine how many more visitors & subscribers will come to this site.  Wouldn’t you want similar results on your own website? How’d you like to launch a new website with a BANG!?! Go sign up for the Contest Burner Viral Marketing Contest & next week I’ll give you a copy of the same plugin I used here.