Introducing ContestBurner:

A Revolutionary, New Software Program Anyone Can Use — In ANY Market — To Drive Floods Of Traffic... To Create An Army Of Back-links... To Capture Tons Of Subscribers... To Recruit Loads Of Affiliates... And To Produce Viral Storms Of Buzz & Attention Rapidly All Over The Net!

Dear Friend —

Bill McIntosh here...

Imagine waking up to 2,600 new subscribers... 1,800 new back-links to your site... 12 new YouTube Videos promoting your product... 3 new press releases promoting your product... 220 new Facebook posts about you and 14 new articles submitted... (All promoting YOUR PRODUCT!)

  • All DONE FOR YOU (Automatically)!
  • WITHOUT SPENDING A Ton Of Money On Traffic!
  • WITHOUT Breaking a sweat at all!
  • ALL BY LETTING THE SYSTEM do it for you!

Yes indeed, this is EXACTLY why everyone is so excited about "Contest Burner" --- even newbies!

In fact... what if I told you this is already happening all around you, and many other marketers are already using this program with Great Success?!? Many are already raving fans of this product... and of course, most of the top level marketers are swarming all over "Contest Burner"!

And, there's a mountain of proof already... (case studies out the wazoo)... and loads of gurus are jumping on "contest burner" and asking to use it RIGHT NOW!


Look — the proof is in the pudding and this is a guaranteed slam dunk for you! Seriously.

For reasons you'll understand in just a moment, this very well could be the golden key to exploding your list, traffic and revenue for much less out-of-pocket money than ever before!

What if you could get "Contest Burner" and have traffic flooding your site almost overnight? You're about to see exactly how to do that, keep reading...

If you've had a tough time generating traffic... or subscribers... or getting buzz in the social networks, then you should read every line and every word of this page, because those problems could be gone in a click!

I've Built Multiple Seven Figure Lists!


I'm not here to brag, that's not my style, but it is critical you understand the man behind this product. For the past 14 years, I've mostly been behind the scenes (underground) doing my own thing.

I've been able to generate over 20 million dollars online and I've built multiple lists with over 1,000,000 (Million) people on them. I'm quite certain I'm qualified to talk about list building and the "Power" a responsive list can provide you!

"Any means necessary" — That's what I tell people. I'd say, "By any means necessary, build a list right now!" It's that important!

If you want ongoing income, and long-term success in this business


However, for most people out there, that list is ELUSIVE and hard to get. THE LIST hides from them, it's hard to create, where do you start? what comes first, the chicken or the egg? How do you get the traffic without investing a fortune in paid traffic? How do you get people to promote if you don't have a list already?

You know this. You've been through this. You understand how difficult it has been to get a list started, much less build a big enough list to make a financial dent in your bank account, right?

AND... once you have a list, how do you engage the subscribers??

Most every marketer knows (they've been told a Million times) they need to build a list. However, the clocks ticks by and the weeks turn into months and months turn into years and STILL there's no list!

Because you see, for the average marketer out there, it's impossible to make-it to every offline event scheduled... impossible to build hundreds of key contacts... hard as heck to pay for traffic... and the list of challenges goes on and on!

Well, I'm here to tell you there's a NEW WAY to build that list (and much more!) quite easily by using "Contest Burner"!

Transform Your Website Visitors Into Raving Fans

With Contest Burner, your visitors will "happily" spread the word about your site all over the web. They'll get engaged with your message... and become raving fans!

In fact, they'll tell everyone about how great you (or your product) is and they'll recruit people (influence them) to visit your site!

When you "incentivize" these actions... by offering prizes... it instantly turns passive browsers into ACTIVE PROMOTERS of your site! It's already proven... your visitors will:

  • Spread links on Facebook, Twitter & dozens of social media sites
  • Email their friends, family and lists about your site
  • Get people to sign up on your site (opt in)
  • Create articles, press releases, Hub Pages & many other types of content, linking to YOU
  • Create reviews for your product
  • Record YouTube videos about you & their experiences with your products
  • They'll even write your website content for you!

What makes "Contest Burner" so powerful is simple... it automatically brings you traffic, action, buzz, branding, a list and more! It engages the market and it "rises you" above the noise!

By far, the number one problem marketers have is traffic. Well, kiss that problem goodbye!

"Most People Struggle Mightily To Pay For Traffic... They Struggle To Rank High (SEO)... And They Struggle Massively To Start Or Grow A Responsive List!"

Listen, we've all been there. It does not matter what level you are at right now, if you are a serious marketer and willing to invest in your goals, you already understand how hard it can be to build a big responsive list!

Many experts say it's easy. It is not easy. It's hard. Hard as heck.

Well, with "Contest Burner" it's about to get a lot easier, guaranteed!

Look, most people fail at building a list for many years. They fail because of the incredible amount of persistence and stubbornness it takes to master paid traffic or SEO.

Most people are not going to travel to tons of seminars and build countless friends who can promote for them either. It's costly, time consuming, frustrating and tiresome to build a list using traditional methods.

The reason marketers achieve a big responsive list is because they are more than determined... and they put a lot of skin in the game by investing in traffic, seminars, SEO services, assistants and so on.

But believe me, there's nothing wrong with spending that kind of money and time building your business... I've done it for 13 or so years myself!

However, it's critical to realize, there's an easier way!

We are talking about:

  1. Saving you tons of time
  2. Saving you tons of money!
  3. Saving you from tons of frustration!

And, I know those are things you want a lot more of (Time & Money & Less Frustration!)

That's why I created "Contest Burner" in the first place -- to save myself time, money, energy and frustration. Look, I'm always looking for automated tools to free up time and resources. That's what technology is all about.

And, when I searched for something like "Contest Burner" out there, there was nothing to be found. I had to create it! I had to put in my own "dream team" programmers to make this a reality so I could use it myself!

For years, I've created tools to save me time and money, and "Contest Burner" is no different. It was a tool I created to expand my business. However... I even shocked myself at the results this program created!

Tons And Tons Of Traffic Came Flooding In And I Realized "Contest Burner" Is Solid Gold!

No wonder the big fortune 500 companies use contests! Pepsi, Coke, McDonalds — they all use contests for a reason!

That reason is:


You see, when you run contests using this program, you'll instantly realize people are MUCH MORE engaged with what you are doing... much more responsive... much more active... and much more profitable!

Read below what I'm about to tell you a few times:

By Using Contest Burner, Your List Will Open The Emails YOU Send Them MORE Often!

Higher Open Rates!

The tests show... the open rates are through the roof! And for good reason... it's obvious why... people are engaged and they want to know IF THEY WON any prizes or what the next move is!

(Did you not peel off the little sticker thing on the McDonalds cup to see if you won? Did you not look under the Coke bottle cap to see what you won?)

It's called "engagement" and it works like a charm! It's a beautiful thing and it can skyrocket your entire business!

You are warming up your lists and the traffic and the ENTIRE MARKETPLACE to you... to your brand... and to your products and services...

This Is The Ultimate

Branding Machine!

Look — it did not take me very long to realize "BRANDING" is the best converter there is. I mean, if you are branded to your list or your marketplace, earning cash is a fricken breeze!

It makes sense too...

There's so much NOISE out there... So much Advertising bombarding us... so many options and directions to go... so many products and competitors and so much skepticism out there... those who are BRANDED win!

AND... those who are branded make a lot of money... a lot easier too!

Think about it, we buy from those we Know... Like... and Trust. If you engage your list or marketplace and warm them up to you and your products, conversions are a piece of cake.

However... if your list or market does not know you and you are just fitting in with the rest of the noise, not standing out, not engaging them, it's hard to convert.

Well, with "Contest Burner" they are checking your emails... they are seeing your name everywhere... they are watching your videos... they are posting about you... they are spreading the word about you... they are branding you for you.

Catch that last part? Let me say it again, but much louder because it's that critically important:

"Your Participants Are BRANDING YOU For YOU!"

They are out there spreading the word And BRANDING You All Over Internet-Land!

They are easily doing this to win prizes... and you are raking it in with a smile from ear to ear! You are getting BRANDED barely lifting a finger.

How Powerful is that?

  • You want to get branded fast? Get "Contest Burner"
  • You want massive traffic fast? Get "Contest Burner"
  • You want to build a responsive list fast? Get "Contest Burner"
  • You want to make money fast!? Get "Contest Burner"

Look, it goes something like this...

Visitors enter your contests to earn points and they do the things you want them to do. You could give them 100 points to post about your product on Facebook.

  • You could give them 300 points to post a Youtube video about your product.
  • You could give them 100 points to Tweet about your product.
  • You could give them 50 points to "Like" your product on Facebook.
  • You could give them 100 points per subscriber they send your way.
  • You could give them 50 points to just view an article you wrote and another 300 points to give you feedback (better known as a TESTIMONIAL!)



I created this program to drive more traffic for my own products and services! I had to create it because there was nothing out there.

Then, I let a few of my good marketing friends use this on their launches. They were blown away!

Next, they spread the word to other marketing friends, who ended up coming to me requesting to use "Contest Burner" too. Then, the natural next step was to let more of the market in on the big secret program everyone is now raving about...

Now, it's your chance to use this program for your own success. It's your chance to put this to good use and change your financial life for the better. No joke.

Contests have been around for generations. Shoot, it dates back to the Olympics in Rome! Even fortune 500 companies run contests, and now you can too!

With "Contest Burner"... you barely lift a finger.


Here's How It Works!

First off, Contest Burner is a patent pending software program that plugs in easily with WordPress OR ANY SITE! I know that is music to your ears. I mean, the easier something is to set up and use, the better!

That's why my dream-team of programmers have made this as EASY-To-Use as can be! Anyone can set this baby up and be running in no time flat!

Next, I need to tell you how powerful this program is.

It's huge! It comes with tons of features and capabilities. (more on those in a second, keep reading...)

In a nutshell, with Contest Burner, you can conduct massive contests. These contests can get tons of people participating. It is virtually UNLIMITED What they will do to earn prizes or win the contest.

You can have an army of people out there doing all sorts of things promoting your business. For example, you can have...

  • People posting your product on Facebook to earn points.
  • People clicking "LIKE" on Facebook for you
  • People posting your product (or contest) on Twitter to earn points.
  • People posting blog comments to earn points
  • People writing and submitting press releases to earn points
  • People writing and submitting articles to earn points
  • People shooting and submitting YouTube videos to earn points
  • People creating video responses to your YouTube videos
  • People "subscribing" to your YouTube channel
  • People driving subscribers to you to earn points
  • And so much more!

With an army of people participating in your contest, you'll quickly have a ton of people out there driving traffic to your site or contest!

All of that is EXTREMELY POWERFUL for generating Cash-Flow!

However, there is still one hugely powerful benefit you need to know about...and this one huge benefit is a game changer.

Let's Go VIRAL!

The Ultimate Viral Tool!

You could realistically start with just a very small group of people in your contest. That tiny group could be all you need to initiate that "snowball effect" that sparks a "viral storm" of traffic, leads and income!

You see, since Contest Burner is viral (and multi-tiered) it does not take much to spark that viral phenomena!

For marketers like us, this "viral effect" is just monumental!

One viral storm can change your entire financial life if done right! We've all seen that happen before!

Here's how it works:

Imagine having 100 people as participants in your contest... those 100 people do things to earn points (prizes) such as: Post on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, submit press releases, run ads, refer people, and so on...

Well, those 100 people are out there posting tiny billboards all over Internet-land, and thousands of others will see the posts. All of the posts push more visitors to come join your contest.

100 people can quickly refer 1000 people. Those 1000 people can quickly refer 4000 people and the snowball effect begins!

For you, well, that's cash.

All those people are doing more and more things to earn prizes/points. It grows and grows, and so does your: List... Traffic... Buzz... Branding... and CASH!

It's that easy.

The System Will Post On Facebook, Twitter, Etc For Your Participants!

They Don't Even Have To Lift A Finger Either! The Contest Burner System Will Automatically Post On ALL Of Your Participants' WALLS For THEM!

Is that smoking hot awesome or what?

Here's how it works... When your participants sign up to your contest, with the click of a button, your system automatically gains access to their Facebook, Twitter, etc accounts to auto-post for them!

For example, Bob signs up for your contest. He clicks the auto-post button (to earn points of course)... and presto! Your contest will make absolute sure to post on Bob's Facebook wall.

Then, Bob is talking with a friend and the friend says, "hey, what's that contest thing you posted on your Facebook Wall?"

That's automation at it's finest!

Heck, let the system do all the world. That's what technology is all about... that's why we have computers... so they can do the hard work for us.

I don't know about you... but wow, how incredible can you get? This system does the work for you... AND FOR YOU PARTICIPANTS!

Imagine today, your automated contest system posted on 1,000 people's Facebook Walls and tweeted on 1,000 people's Twitter accounts automatically...!!

Imagine waking up in the morning and getting all that buzz... all that attention... all that branding... all that traffic... and all that EXPOSURE!

We are talking about the essence of marketing here. It's the lifeblood of marketing. It's the ultimate tool for marketing. Think about it. What is marketing to you? What does that word "marketing" mean to you?

If you examine the word "marketing"... the definition of "marketing" sounds like a definition for "running contests". It's the ultimate marketing machine and Contest Burner comes locked and loaded, tested and proven, guaranteed and ready... right here and right now!

Generate A Ton Of Buzz In Your Market Place!

Buzz creates word of mouth. It creates "top of mind awareness". It creates a buying emotion in a marketplace. It's like walking up to a giant bee hive and smacking it with a stick (people go nuts).

This is by far one of the very best Buzz Generating programs you've ever seen. Imagine hundreds or even thousands of people out there posting, taking action and building an avalanche of buzz and talk in your market!

This is one of the major tactics of the titan marketers! They create buzz any means necessary. Buzz puts the spotlight on YOU and YOUR business! Buzz gets attention and stirs up "conversation".

It creates word-of-mouth, and that word-of-mouth power can bring you a small fortune very quickly! You want buzz, you need buzz and this will do it for you!

Anyone Can Run Contests...Even Affiliate Marketers!

You don't have to have your own products to run contests. You can continue to remain an affiliate marketer and utilize Contest Burner to drive tidal waves of traffic to your offers or list!

Ask any super affiliate and they'll tell you that even though they are an affiliate marketer, they still build lists! Building a list is the ultimate passive income. A responsive list is money on demand!

Because you see, as an affiliate marketer, you can strike up a contest and STILL get floods of back-links, tons of leads, mountains worth of traffic and can earn yourself a fortune (even promoting other people's products)

If that does not get you excited, check your pulse!

The possibilities are endless.

Imagine striking a group contest where you and a few others all join together and launch a massive contest flooding your market with buzz! Imagine one of the point earning tasks are to go opt in somewhere free and earn points for doing so (that would build a list).

Imagine using Contest Burner for MLM programs to get a huge down-line (if you're into MLM). Imagine using Contest Burner for offline business!

Offline Marketers Would "CRUSH IT" With Contest Burner!

What if you took an offline business and ran a contest using Contest Burner? You'd crush it in a local market! It would be "game over" for that small businesses' competition.

Their competition would not know what hit them!

If you are an offline marketing consultant — providing Internet Marketing services to small businesses, you just hit the jackpot. Seriously

You could take one client and clean house. Then, use that case study to absolutely rake it in with other clients of yours. Imagine all the back-links and YouTube videos and Facebook posts locally!

Heck, even if you are not an offline marketing consultant, you might think of becoming one now! No joke

Imagine your offline-small-business-client getting ranked all over the place, with posts, blogs, comments, press releases, YouTube videos, articles, buzz, etc! How hugely powerful is that?

The sky is the limit with Contest Burner, it really is!

Get Contest Burner...And They Will Come!

More and more traffic!!!

Ok, we have not even scratched the surface here.

I mean, there are so many different benefits, features and possibilities with Contest Burner I'm almost afraid to overwhelm you with opportunities.

Look — once you "get it" and truly see the opportunities here with this program, you'll see dollar signs everywhere with Contest Burner. It's endless. It's huge.

It's a "must have" tool and the only reason you have not scrolled down and bought already is because you still have not "got it" yet.

That's ok, it happens.

Sometimes you get hit with so many "thoughts and possibilities" that you get caught up in the ideas and lose track of what this actually is... and what it actually does. No worries, let's cover that now, ok?

  • You need traffic.
  • You need leads.
  • You need eye balls seeing your offers.

With contest burner, you run a contest that gives away prizes to people for earning points. People go out there and do things for you. They post on Facebook for you (easy stuff). They do these things because they want to win an IPad or Amazon gift certificate.

They go out there and post articles, and shoot videos to win prizes! They see their names on the leader-board. They get recognition. They win. People love to win things. They love getting prizes shipped to them.

People go out there on the Internet and spread the word FOR YOU. This generates buzz in the marketplace. These people build a list for you. They build back-links for you. They get credibility out on the market for you. The generate proof for you. the make comments for you. They get you ranked (for you).

Meanwhile — back at base camp — you are raking in tons of leads, getting massive traffic and making a bundle of money! Your list is exploding and you feel like you are in the center of the universe, as the spot light gets placed directly on YOU and YOUR business.

Contest Burner Features & Benefits:

  • Email Submitter: Visitors can easily import their address book from gmail, yahoo mail, AOL, etc and the sytem can email them!
  • Built In Spam control to prevent your contestants from abusing the system
  • Every visitor gets their own contest link -- to spread around the net and get credit for the actions they take (points for clicks, back-links, they'll spread the link everywhere and it tracks their results)
  • Facebook auto-post feature: Automatically posts on your visitors walls for them. If they forget or get distracted from your contest, the system will keep positing for them (ongoing exposure)
  • Twitter auto-post feature: The system automatically tweets for your contestants. If they get distracted, go on vacation, forget, the system does it for them automatically (getting you more ongoing exposure automatically)
  • Facebook Comment Widget: Comes with a widget you can put on any page or site, that shows tons of Facebook comments on your page.
  • Facebook Points Feature: Contestants will automatically earn points for "like"ing your Facebook page or linking to you from any Facebook post.
  • YouTube Feature: Contestants can earn points for subscribing to your YouTube channel, commenting on your videos, responding to your videos and posting their own videos with links pointing back to your website.
  • Twitter Feature: Contestants can earn points from tweeting about you or your products (or your contests). They can earn points from following you as well.
  • Traffic points: Your contestants can earn points just for clicks to their personal contest links. This means, you can get them to promote, drive traffic or do anything you want them to do (think free press releases, articles, blogging & almost any linking strategy) to drive traffic and earn points.
  • Blog Comment Feature: Contestants can automatically earn points for making comments on your blog. (Making your blog come alive with activity!)

It's practically endless!

With your purchase of Contest Burner, it comes with one years license to one site. However, there are options for multiple domains.

Why Contest Burner?
Why Right Now?

I've heard many times — that having a big responsive list can be money on demand for marketers. I agree with that statement many of our experts preach!

Having a list gives you an incredible opportunity to make money any given day. With a list set up, you can promote your own products or affiliate offers... all earning you money!

Contest Burner is already proven many times over. It has already helped people build lists, get buzz and drive traffic. A list... buzz in the market... traffic... all equal money!

But, more than money, what about your time and energy? Sure, Contest Burner can save you a ton of time... and of course it can save you loads of frustration and wasted energy... but it can also save you untold amounts of money!

I'm talking about Saving Money... not just making it!

If you think about it, it could cost you a fortune to set up and run paid advertising. If you think about it, marketers will quickly and easily drop $500, $1,000 or more on paid traffic without blinking an eye.

Contest Burner costs nowhere near that, and can generate traffic for a long time to come. All those posts out there your participants make... all those press releases or articles they submit... all those blogs they create... all those YouTube videos remain there... like billboards all across the Internet... continuing to drive traffic and leads to your offers.

If you've read this far, I'm quite certain you are NOW seeing the dollar signs. You're now starting to see countless opportunities for using this program to generate cash-flow.

Here's some quick snippets of ideas for using Contest Burner:

  • Use it with small businesses
  • Use it with online businesses
  • Use it with affiliate offers
  • Use it with ecommerce stores
  • Use it to build a forum
  • Use it for CPA marketing
  • Use it for incentivized CPA offers
  • Use it to build a blog readership
  • Use it to launch software
  • Use it to earn with AdSense
  • Use it locally for festivals
  • Use it for charities!
  • Use it for politics
  • Use it for controversy!

The sky is really the limit on all the possibilities for using Contest Burner to succeed!

Leads? Traffic? Income? Buzz?

Any serious marketer would see this as a golden opportunity and the only reason I would suspect someone would miss out is because they just don't get it yet. They are either A) not seeing this for what it actually is or B) they are just not at all serious about their business.

If they are not serious about their business, they would not have even read this far most likely, so I can only assume you are on board and ready to get your hands on this opportunity!

This Is Where You Will Kick Yourself 'Hard' If You Miss Out!

Normally, a robust and Easy-To-Use program like this could run you $200 to $600 on the low end... and $1,000 to $2,500 on the high end.



To get your hands on this program (that could change your financial life) it's going to run you about the cost of a nice dinner for two and some drinks. That's it!

Why so low?

Well, it is certainly worth a ton more than I'm charging for it, that's for sure. But, I want to provide ambitious Internet Marketers with a program that is A) extremely affordable where anyone can afford it and B) help ambitious marketers change their financial lives!

I created Contest Burner for myself... for my in-house business! I'm a list builder and have built multiple list of 1,000,000 or more people on them. I created this to drive traffic, to create buzz, to build lists and to drive up revenue even higher.

I understand clearly, from 13 or so years of Internet Marketing, the key to success is "eye balls". You want to be where the eye balls are currently at. You want to cut through the smoke and get to the customers. You want to get as many "customers" on your lists. And, you want to drive cash flow through traffic!

This requires tools. We live in a digital age where tools can change the way we do business. We live in a world where swarms of people flock to certain places (like Facebook and YouTube, etc) and being able to tap into those swarms of people can trump just about any other form of advertising there is.

With Contest Burner, you can be smack in the middle of those swarms of customers. You can have those swarms of customers flooding your contests and sites. You can use this tool, this incredible tool, to fuel your income!

Frankly, I'm proud of Contest Burner and excited to witness the success people have already had with it! I'm excited to see YOU have massive success with it too. I want people to have more life and more income, and I know this tool works like a charm.

Therefore, I have made it low cost, so anyone can afford it! I could easily charge 10 times what I'm charging for it! No joke! So, you will absolutely kick yourself if you miss out on this low price. Top marketers have been yelling at me to raise the price, so jump on this now!

Bill, This Is Incredible! I'm Glad You Made The Price Tag Extremely Affordable! But, How Much Is Affordable??

For taking smart action right now, you get the entire Contest Burner program for a super low price that's absolutely ridiculous considering what you get!

Think about this though... not only am I providing you with a top shelf program that can change your life for a low-low price, I'm also providing you with a MEGA-BONUS to attend a live event FREE.

That's unheard of!

Why so much for so less?

Because it's over-delivering to the point of dizziness! I've learned as a marketer AND as a customer, there's a huge shortage of value in this market. With this offer here, and the bonuses provided, not only is there a surplus of value here, but there's a sickening amount of opportunity!

I have removed all the barriers for people, killed all the excuses, and it's time anyone and everyone has an opportunity to succeed quickly!

Just By Flipping A Switch And Getting Contest Burner Today... You Can Finally Get Floods Of Traffic... Leads... Buzz... And Branding Overnight!

Yes Bill, I Will Take Contest Burner (Including the bonuses) Right Now!

  • I understand I will get full license to use Contest Burner on one domain!
  • I understand I will be able to turn on multi-tiered capabilities for my participants.
  • I understand Contest Burner is proven and lots of successful Internet Marketers have already used it with great success!
  • I also understand Contest Burner is low cost so everyone can afford it.
  • I realize the opportunity with Contest Burner and I'm going to utilize this program to catapult my leads, list, traffic and income!
  • I understand Contest Burner comes with a 60 day money back guarantee! If for any reason whatsoever I change my mind within the 60 days, I'm guaranteed a full, speedy refund!
  • I understand there's no risk. I can try it out and see how I like it. I can even use the program and test it out myself within those 60 days. And, if for any reason at all I want my money back, it's granted automatically without hassles whatsoever!

I Am Ready! Let's Get Contest Burner Rocking!

I'm In, Let's Do This!

I'll see you inside the program and thanks so much for buying Contest Burner. I cant wait to witness your success!


Bill McIntosh

PS - The only thing standing in between you and six figures could simply be A LIST! Isn't it time you start or grow your list?!?