New $10,000 Viral Contest Launch, Video Training & New YouTube Features!

I sent you an email a couple of days ago about the new and improved Contest Burner tool & a new $10,000 contest. One of the prizes is to have my team and I build, market & consult you on a brand new site!

You can now win entry points to the contest simply by commenting, subscribing or doing a video response to ANY of the ContestBurner videos on my account at YouTube:

There are 5 brand new videos there for step by step training & instructions on how to install and setup ContestBurner (commenting on those will earn you points too). There is also the launch video that explains all the new features of the plugin and how the current contest works:

Viral Marketing Contest Launch YouTube Video

You can also now download ContestBurner lite and try it out without signing up for anything. Just go to: Download Contest Burner Viral Marketing WordPress Plugin Download it and follow the instruction videos to install it on your WordPress based site.

You can also just send any Tweet on Twitter & just use the @contestburner reply or use the domain in any link and you’ll get bonus points for every Tweet.

The other way to earn bonus points is by commenting on the Comment Burner blog. Feel free to comment & earn yourself some points right here… right now!

By the way, everyone who signs up and participates in the contest is going to get an ebook along with my video training on viral marketing.  It will be sent out next week to everyone signed up at

Thanks for taking part in the contest.

Good Luck!