Free Viral WordPress Plugin To All Contest Participants: Comment Captivator

Comment Captivator Download Link:

Click Here To Download The Comment Captivator WordPress Plugin

Comment Captivator is a WordPress plugin that helps you increase your blog readers interaction with your website. With Comment Captivator you’ll encourage your readers to come back over and over to every new blog post you make & leave comments every time!

I’ve set up this post to use one of my favorite features of Contest Burner… Incentivized content!

What this means is that with Contest Burner you can ethically “bribe” your website visitors to sign up to your contest & take actions in your contests. You can reward them with: coupon codes, download links, video training or anything at all that would fit in a webpage!

In this demonstration I have a very special piece of software that works with WordPress that I’m GIVING AWAY to ALL active participants in the current contest. If you haven’t signed up yet: you must go here now, sign up & start taking actions in the contest. When you have at least 60 points… BOOM! the download link will magically appear below!

Click Here To Join The Contest

When you have earned at least 60 points, your download link will magically appear right here:

[contest_restrict_content contest=”contestburner_viral_traffic_system_spread_the_word_contest” min_points=”60″]
Click Here To Download The Comment Captivator WordPress Plugin

If for some reason the page doesn’t recognize you as having entered the contest… just visit the contest page & put your email address in again. The system should then realize who you are.

Let me know what you think of this new feature. Plus… when you comment below after joining the contest you’ll get even more points!