ContestBurner Viral Marketing Contest Update

The $5,000 Viral Marketing contest is flying along at breakneck speed! We have 235 contestants right this minute and this figure is continually going up. You can see the current contest standing here: Viral Contest Standings

Since launching this brand new site with no branding, no links & no mentions anywhere on the Internet, here’s what’s happening so far:

  • Contest Burner’s Viral Marketing Plugin continues to get mentioned all over social media sites like Twitter & Facebook
  • Contestants are creating their own videos on YouTube promoting the contest!
  • They are creating blogs & websites just to promote the contest
  • They are setting up pages at sites like Hubpages, Weebly & Squidoo to promote the viral marketing contest
  • Hundreds (possibly thousands) of new links are being created as a result of all the buzz
  • ContestBurner WordPress Plugin is getting incredible branding and is quickly being recognized as a strong brand in record time
  • Because of all this activity the site is already ranking in Yahoo & Google (Bing is soon to follow)
  • We’re seeing thousands of new visitors

All this happened in under a week!

We’re only half way through the contest so keep your promotion going! If you haven’t joined in yet… what are you waiting for? There’s over $5,000 in prizes waiting for you! To find out how you can enter the contest: Click here to find out more about the viral marketing contest.

23 Responses to “ContestBurner Viral Marketing Contest Update”

  1. Andy Beard says:

    I am interested in the psychology of people entering for future promotions, as whilst there is a leader board, what they are earning are “tickets” that will somehow be randomly drawn (how you handle that will be delicate and require transparency)

  2. admin says:

    There are a variety of methods to run the contest. The blog owner can choose to run a more traditional contest where the prizes are awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and so on based upon performance. Or they can pick a random “ticket” based drawing.

    Currently I am awarding my random ticket drawing outside of the plugin. I’ll do that directly by manually running something on the database to pick random winners. However, one of the features for the next update is to be able to have the plugin itself handle the random drawing for the blog owner as a built in feature. This ensures a transparent and neutral way of doing a random prize drawing. The blog owner will click a button & the plugin will handle awarding prizes.

  3. Susan Y says:

    I guess the random ticket drawing gives casual entrants more incentive to participate but it sure frustrates us who struggle to perform only to have one party come up with a way to flood the ticket box with 10,000 entries… does that guy every eat or sleep?

    But then again, with a drawing someone with only one entry could win too. Is there any limitation as to how many times the same person’s tickets can win? Like could one person theoretically get all four prizes if their names are randomly selected four times? Oh would they their choice of which prize and other be drawn for the other prizes?

  4. admin says:

    You’ve been doing great!

    The prize will be awarded one prize per person. I decided on the drawing since I thought it helped keep everyone in the running and make it more of a group activity instead of 4-5 people battling it out for the prizes.

  5. Tom Guard says:

    Not only is this contest fun, but it also puts the marketing skills I have learned from Bill into action. With all the back-linking, twittering, blogging, article and social marketing, I think I have graduated from Bill McIntosh Online Marketing University. It was cheaper than taking marketing courses online at the University of San Fransisco. LOL

    In April, the economy took a toll on my 9-to-5 job. But with the incredible marketing skills that I have aquired from Bill’s marketing shows, I have been able to supplement my income using his tips.

    See you guys in the show chat-room tonight. (guardinator)

  6. Rick Nielsen says:

    Maybe I’m just missing it, but how do I get the WordPress plugin? When I click on the link in the site, it just takes me to the home page. Again, am I missing something?

    Thanks for the help!

  7. Ken Davis says:

    I was amazed. Just started promoting the contest burner $5000 contest yesterday. look at rankings this morning and saw I had 134 signed up. This has great potential


  8. Susan Y says:

    Closed up about one this morning and sign on a few minutes ago only to find my 4th place is shaky… David is tied with me. Last night I downloaded the plugin and signed up for Premium. This is such a cool tool..Have to start telling folks about it again.

  9. Tom Guard says:

    I actually have the contest burner plugin running on my site now. So far it’s working like a charm. I love it.

  10. Susan Y says:

    How do you see how many people have signed up from your links?

  11. ramez says:

    this is totally amazing, i like this contest plug in tool, it brings to your website a viral traffic.Guys i recommend this plug in for your business whereas you integrate fun with your business where you get traffic and people will have fun. IF you want to know more info Please visit this page

  12. rlbeard says:

    Bill having a lot of fun in the competition… Best of luck with this great piece of software I will be installing it on my fishing site and G1 android site.

  13. dementia says:

    I could certainly use the plugin since I blog about contests every day.

  14. dano says:

    a great idea Bill,
    I will use this for a new site asap. Now to just learn how to build a SITE!! Thanks for all your training Bill, I’ve learned a lot so far…keep bringing more cool things for us to make life easier to learn and do all this online marketing stuff.

  15. ramez debbas says:

    wow bill , its amazing tool ,also you can get points from youtube comments and response videos, thats awesome

    thanks bill its great tool, and i recommend every one to use, waiting for more tools

  16. Tom Guard says:

    I had great success with my first contest using Contest Burner. My Alexia ranking went up 150.000 in one week’s time. Thanks for a great product.

  17. Nice product and a fun contest. Start your own web contest today!

  18. chris alexander says:

    Definitely a GREAT product!!

  19. chris alexander says:

    so the contest ends october ?

  20. chris alexander says:

    still going at it!

  21. chris alexander says:

    its amazing how the veterans utulize this tool!!

  22. chris alexander says:

    contest almost over!!! stay at it ….

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