ContestBurner Viral Marketing Contest Update

The $5,000 Viral Marketing contest is flying along at breakneck speed! We have 235 contestants right this minute and this figure is continually going up. You can see the current contest standing here: Viral Contest Standings

Since launching this brand new site with no branding, no links & no mentions anywhere on the Internet, here’s what’s happening so far:

  • Contest Burner’s Viral Marketing Plugin continues to get mentioned all over social media sites like Twitter & Facebook
  • Contestants are creating their own videos on YouTube promoting the contest!
  • They are creating blogs & websites just to promote the contest
  • They are setting up pages at sites like Hubpages, Weebly & Squidoo to promote the viral marketing contest
  • Hundreds (possibly thousands) of new links are being created as a result of all the buzz
  • ContestBurner WordPress Plugin is getting incredible branding and is quickly being recognized as a strong brand in record time
  • Because of all this activity the site is already ranking in Yahoo & Google (Bing is soon to follow)
  • We’re seeing thousands of new visitors

All this happened in under a week!

We’re only half way through the contest so keep your promotion going! If you haven’t joined in yet… what are you waiting for? There’s over $5,000 in prizes waiting for you! To find out how you can enter the contest: Click here to find out more about the viral marketing contest.